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Mobile Supply Unit #1

Nice Collective opens a transportable military-inspired store in San Francisco

by Victor Reznik
on 25 January 2011

Quietly shaking up fashion with their utopian approach, San Francisco, CA-based label Nice Collective recently applied their forward-thinking ethos to a transportable storefront they call Mobile Supply Unit #1 or MSU. Together with Brand Director Riley Johndonnel, co-founders Joe Haller and Ian Hannula created an environment that encompasses everything from their quantum gravity theories to functional fashion and optimism—a place that feels as comfortable as it does foreign.

ncsf7.jpg ncsf8.jpg

Completed in just eight weeks, MSU borrows heavily from military mobilization platforms that make it easy to "re-contextualize for a better use." Nice Collective hopes their temporary home will strike a chord with customers and other designers alike, serving as a communication tool for progressive projects and events as it travels to each new destination.

Haller explains, "The intent was to transform the the core elements of Nice Collective's soul into physical destinations where people could shop, experience and participate. The concept also required the units be quick and easy to assemble, adaptable to a multitude of geographical locations and most importantly, equipped with an efficient system for dismantling, transport, and installation in ever-changing new locations."

ncsf4.jpg ncsf5.jpg

The science theme falls in line with their Fall 2011 collection, which is a translation of their feelings on "the splitting of time and space, as well as ideas on how all known forces of the universe work together." MSU will stock this line (for men and women later on) as well as pieces designed exclusively for the shop, experimental prototypes and a new lifestyle collection that will include pillows and home storage solutions.


The Nice Collection Mobile Supply Unit will remain in San Francisco until 10 September 2011, where it will then migrate on a mission to "facilitate social change" and create a sense of community wherever it goes.

MSU #1 is open daily from 12-9 pm, and through midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Tel: +1 415-824-6426

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