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More Wants For Sale

by Mike Giles
on 04 March 2008

New York artists Christine Santora and Justin Gignac are at it again, launching another series on their Wants For Sale website. Justin dropped us a line with a few teaser images from their new collection launching today at noon, stating We're pretty excited because we think these are the best paintings yet. We have "To Get Into MoMA" (pictured on right) which is the price of a couples membership, "Custom Adidas" from the Adidas store on Wooster, and our free one this time is "The New Number to Milk & Honey." Whoever sends us the new phone number to Milk & Honey in New York gets the painting.

There will be 12 new paintings in all—not all wants are material though. "We're also starting to move into a direction of more experiential wants. It's fun painting wants that aren't just 'stuff.' One of the paintings in this batch is called 'Drinks On Us' (pictured below) for $500. When it sells we're taking all of our friends out for a night of drinks. As the project continues we hope to be able to push these more and more." Get yourself some killer art with a great story behind it from their site.


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