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More Pics from CHV50

by Josh Rubin in Culture on 05 October 2006


Ok, this is the last post about our party, but I had such a great time I can't help myself.

This set of pictures is from Leo Zacharias, and features some shots of the art and the people. There's also a pretty genius one of Scott and Ami who took a break from the after party clean-up to pose with some dude who was passed out in the screening room. Check them out after the jump.

Sm Leo9210

Schipper's amazing video ball

Sm Leo9314

Otis and Logan as iced Foo dogs by Okamoto

Sm Leo9395

A view of the space from above

Sm Leo9259

Hundley's quilt and Dewan's projector

Sm Leo9478

iPods were hung from the ceiling

Sm Leo9514

Josh previewing Dewan's audio piece

Sm Leo9581

Josh, Ami and Evan

Sm Leo9617

Ami and Scott with some dude passed out in the screening room

Sm Leo9230

Cool Hunting as seen thru Schipper's video ball

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