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MOMA: San Francisco

by Josh Spear
on 19 April 2005


SFMOMA has a stellar exhibit going on right now for the 2004 SECA award winners. The artists who won the honor to show in MOMA are all extremely talented--and range from very detailed ink and gouache drawings like this to a 30-foot wide installation made up only of small loops of cellophane tape.

I'd recommend taking some time to look at the work of Shaun O'Dell--which stood out most to me. He's one talented, good humored artist. His work mixes the organic with the mechanical, and touches on a lot of social commentary about human beings and animals in the world--and how we are all interconnected. He grew up in the California forests, and now living in San Francisco he finds himself in conflict spiritually with the non-wild environment of The Bay area. This piece is called "Prophesy Extraction at the Confluence of Kykuit, The Western Medicinal Compact and the Southern Decline of a Blind Consensual Chiming".

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