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Matthew Palladino

by Ami Kealoha
on 15 September 2008

Citing influences including Jim Jones, the tiger that escaped from the SF zoo earlier this year and the Mission School, 22 year-old artist Matthew Palladino's paintings are, to say the least, bizarre. Primarily working on watercolor paper, images of gang members, drug dens and bleeding bodies are rendered in simplified shapes with rich, saturated colors.


The faux-naive allusions are many — Darger, , Dzama, Clare Rojas, Chris Johanson, among others — but the SF-native's honesty shines through in his meticulous detail and the freely-associated subjects. And his sense of composition likely has to do with a stint at the California College of Art. To learn more, check out the Fecal Face interview.

via via It's Nice That

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