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Martha Cooper: Os Gemeos Houston Street Mural

by Wendy Dembo
on 13 July 2009

Of the coverage about Os Gemeos' new mural on Houston in NYC, the indefatigable Martha Cooper's series of images wins for the most elegant telling of the recent history of the street corner. Contrasting images shot over the last several days of the twin painters with pics both of Keith Haring at work on his 1982 mural and of the recent reproduction, her photo essay comes from the rare point of view of someone who knows the old and new New York well.


For those in New York, checking out Os Gemeos in action is quite the spectacle, with the artists climbing around on ladders, passersby watching and taking photos, as well as the occasional drop-in from such old school painters as Daze or Lee Quiñones. The scene generally goes down from 10am-8pm everyday except Sundays and should continue until about 24 July 2009.

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