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Margaret Cusack: Fabric Illustrations

by Karen Day
on 06 November 2008

When asked to describe her work, illustrator Margaret Cusack (mother of the creative powerhouse and recent CH subject Kate Cusack) best explains it as, "Realism created with stitchery and fabric." Margaret's amazing ability to intricately weave detailed images onto fabric has garnered her an incredible repertoire of stitched works commissioned by various organizations.


Beginning with a portrait of her husband in 1972, Margaret has since done everything from a completely stitched front cover of Time Magazine to a United States postage stamp.

Margaret's approach to illustration has been recognized for its ingenuity by Pratt Institute, from whom she received the Alumni Achievement Award in addition to her exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution, a perfect fit for art, with its Americana feeling and methodical machine applique technique.

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