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Cool Hunting Video Presents: Maker Faire 2007: Part One

Our first in a two-part series on Maker Faire: a confluence of all things D.I.Y. in the San Francisco Bay Area

by Cool Hunting Video in Culture on 10 June 2007

In the first of a two-part series, we visit Make magazine's second annual Maker Faire in the SF Bay Area. There we meet Dale Dougherty, the editor and publisher of Make and founder of the Maker Faire. We also learn about Art Center College for Design professor Phillip Van Allen's open source hardware and software for creating interactive objects and tools called Net Connect, that he developed in collaboration with Moto. John Dyer shows us his homemade Tesla Coil and ITP student James N. Sears explains his inspirations for Orb and UltraOrb, 3-D displays he made using rotating LCDs.


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