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Luis Pons

by Ami Kealoha
on 27 September 2005

Four years ago, Luis Pons was farming and tending to his cows in Venezuela's Amazon jungle. Forced from the country due to political strife, these days the architect leads quite a different life as the principal owner and designer of his preeminent firm in Miami. Already well-known for his imaginative architecture, interiors, and objects, his latest foray is into jewelry. This week, his Magnetik Distractions, a piece based on a simple ball chain and a magnetized bearing, debuts in the online Moma Design Store (pictured right and after the jump). The mutable object (it can be a necklace, bracelet, anklet, belt, etc.) has the kind of inspiration engineered into it that makes it as much a compulsive plaything as elegant ornamentation. Combining these two elements - a sense of wonder and sleek aesthetics - defines Pons' work. It's this kind of uncomplicated interactivity that, as Pons puts it, "pretty much defines my philosophy. You become your own designer. We just provide the frame. It's a very simple concept."

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