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Louviere + Vanessa

A visceral look at humanity in prints made from blood and wax

by Jacob Resneck in Culture on 24 February 2011


A designer friend recently tipped us off about a husband-and-wife photography duo in New Orleans whose fine art creations blend state-of-the-art innovations with old world crafts by developing monochromatic film on Gampi—paper texturized with a mixture of wax and blood is just one example.

Grotesque? Hardly. Louviere + Vanessa's images are visceral in a good way. The artists proclaim to harness the amoral eros and destructive nature of humanity that has supplanted animal instinct designed to ensure survival. But for all that their work's starkness is marked by beauty—it's not challenging insomuch as one wants to look deeper rather than feel an appreciative wince and move on.


Some of their most recent offerings are up for sale at a New Orleans gallery with a nominally functional website. We look forward to more exhibitions in the future.


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