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LO-TEK's Airplane Fuselage Library

by Ami Kealoha
on 21 April 2006

LO-TEK, the New York architecture firm that pioneered the shipping container revolution, recently proposed a new library in Mexico made of stacked discarded Boeing 727 and 737 fuselages. Usually, fuselages aren't recycled and are left to rust in deserts throughout the U.S. due to high demolition costs, which makes them cheaply available to builders. LO-TEK's design uses each tube to organize book collections, meeting rooms, and offices in two parallel inclined structures that recall the material's airborne past and create two large open areas in the center. Arranged on a North-South slant according to sun exposure, the library would optimize energy efficiency. The focus of the building is the atrium which features an LED-integrated glass facade, extending the library to the exterior with full-color, imagery, text, and movies.

A detail shot of the interior follows after the jump.

via Inhabitat.

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