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Lomography Gallery Store

by CH Contributor
on 30 March 2009

by Laura Neilson


In January, the Lomographic Society opened its first NYC-based Lomography Gallery Store in Greenwich Village. Lomography fans, notorious for their fervent enthusiasm and camaraderie over this particular type of brand-based photography now have a clubhouse of sorts.


Not only is the store a retail center and gallery, the location is also the New York Lomography Embassy, serving as a venue for weekly workshops and guest speakers, as well as a meeting site for roaming "LomoJourneys" throughout the neighborhood, in which participants can test out loaner cameras. Lomography cameras are best known for imbuing an often imperfect beauty in even the most casual snapshots, as demonstrated by the spectrum of more than 35,000 hand-picked photos adorning the gallery's wall.

Though the Austrian-based company Lomographische AG was founded in 1991, Lomographic-style cameras can be traced back to Soviet-era Russia and even Japan, and maintain a cult-status worldwide. Other international stores-slash-embassies can be found in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing, Seoul, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney, Santiago de Chile and Vienna.

Lomography Gallery Store
41 West 8th Street
New York, NY 10011 map
tel. +1 212 529 4353

See an image of the store's stairwell photo installation after the jump.

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