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Live Show: Annie

by Ari Bendersky
on 01 July 2005

There’s nothing more annoying than when hype isn’t followed by substance. Annie’s debut CD, Anniemal is fantastic, filled with upbeat, uptempo disco beats, breathy vocals with poppy lyrics. When I interviewed her last week, I was taken with her sincerity, her sweet attitude and her excitement about her success and the current buzz surrounding her music.

But when I saw her last night in Chicago, I was fairly underwhelmed. But I have to say the lackluster show can’t be blamed on Annie. The event was set in entirely the wrong venue.

Sonotheque is a long, thin scenester "club" that is not necessarily set up for a live performance -- especially for someone with as much indie cred as Annie. Because of the odd setup, she stayed behind the glass walls of the booth instead of hanging on a stage – or even a faux stage. And the sound system was too bass heavy and drowned out her vocals.

Midway through, things started to get better and Annie, ever the cutie-pie singer (who is honestly even more beautiful in person than she is in photos), held her own, told the crowd how excited she was to be in Chicago and kept on singing.

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