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Libreria Valdeska

by Brian Fichtner
on 29 September 2009

Specializing in art, thought and literature, Valencia's Libreria Valdeska is a bibliophile's dream find. Tucked away on the narrow Calle del Mar, just west of the Jardín del Turia, Valdeska embraces the bookstore as boutique approach, offering a tightly-curated collection of small presses, vintage titles and classic publications (all in Spanish).

Tables devoted to music, poetry and journals supplant a small design section, while a vitrine on the back wall features rare titles, such as a book on the toys of Uruguayan artist Joaquin Torres-Garcia. By no means exhaustive, Valdeska attracts those who delight in discovery. If booksellers act as culture barometers of a city, Valdeska makes Valencia rich.

For Spanish-speakers, Valdeska has a blog detailing its latest events. Check out more images of the interior after the jump.

Librería Valdeska

Calle del Mar, 47

46003 Valencia map

tel. +96 3522392

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