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Kiosk Mini Exhibitions: Rich Brilliant Willing

by Ami Kealoha
on 17 May 2008

by Laurice Parkin


First on our list of stops outside the Javits is the always brilliant design purveyor, Kiosk, who are kicking off the first of their "Mini-Exhibitions" today. The concept is simple: give space and support to people they like to showcase anything from a lecture to a film to a design project. We're excited to bring you an exclusive sneak-peak of the inaugural show.

In continuing with the brilliant theme, the first showcase is from relative newcomers to the scene, the New York based design group, Rich Brilliant Willing—the collaborative trio of Theo Richardson (Rich), Charles M. Brill (Brilliant) and Alexander T. Williams (Willing). "Some say two heads are better than one, others say too many cooks in the kitchen. For us we strike a balance between three different points of view that share enough similarity to create a very fruitful partnership. Simply put, one + one + one equals more than three." While they each define their strengths (one is an explicit lover of materials, one is a haphazard colorist and one is Mr. Spontaneity), their similarities come together with a focus on the reinvention of materials.


A perfect example is "The Candle Party," a colorful mash-up of candles that becomes a sculptural centerpiece. "The Candle Party is an alternative to giving a bouquet of flowers (fire is more fun/dangerous/sexy?). We were commissioned by Kiosk to make a product for the store and this was a happy result. There is also a lot of spilled wax on the floor of our studio." At $25, it is a must-have collectible of Design Week.

The trio will also showcase two pieces from their Excel Series: Perch and FloorLamp. Inspired by the spreadsheet of the same name, these pieces have a vibe that perfectly melds functionality and art. "In this project we've tried to incorporate as many different materials and finishes, as possible. In addition nothing is the same size or length. All elements in the work are necessary but it feels more natural with a randomness to it."

Rich Brilliant Willing sums up their design philosophy as this, "We try to avoid creating things that overlap with what we already have. So we create things where we feel we can offer something new and do it right."

Rich Brilliant Willing
Opening reception: 17 May 2008, 7-10pm
17-20 May 2008
95 Spring Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10012
+1 212 226 8601

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