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Ken Madore

by Josh Teixeira
on 20 February 2008

Nightmares, conspiracy theories, mystic symbolism and allegories on family tragedy are all fodder for Brooklyn-based artist Ken Madore's work. Crafting obsessively-detailed and intricate works of ink on paper—often on a huge scale—his work illustrates and illuminates the dark side of human anxiety, fear and regret.

Macabre, maybe, but always with a sensitivity for black humor, Madore spends hours and hours layering and texturing his pieces, creating instances of stark contrast as well as pools of coarse greys and blacks. Particularly attentive to light and shadow, Madore perfects his drawings in a Bushwick studio that aptly reflects the eccentricity of the subject matter. Having exhibited in galleries throughout NYC, currently you can find Madore's drawings (and some sculptures) on his website. (Click images for detail.)

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