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Justin Gibbens

by Jonah Samson
on 16 April 2009

Justin Gibbens admits to having an "obsessive, unhealthy interest in all things that scamper and poke about in the thickets and undergrowth." Like most obsessive interests that are artfully managed with creativity, Gibbens has been able to channel his work as a contemporary wildlife artist into something magical.

Imitating the conventions of 18th and 19th century zoological illustration and traditional Chinese fine-line painting, Gibbens has invented a world of beautiful, quirky and unnatural beasts. His vision combines science with science fiction, and his paintings occupy a space that feels both archaic and futuristic. Did these muti-headed and muti-legged creatures once exist, but have now gone extinct, or are they a vision of nature's potential evolution?

A selection of Justin Gibbens' paintings is on view as part of the show called "Flight" (details below).

Through 18 April 2009
G. Gibson Gallery
300 South Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98104 map
tel. +1 206 587 4033

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