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Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada: Expectation

by CH Contributor
on 03 February 2009

by Ariston Anderson


Obama art swept the nation, but his support among the art community wasn't just limited to the states. Renown culture jammer Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, created a 2.5 acre sand painting of Obama in Barcelona, Spain. Named "Expectation," the piece is made of 650 tons of sand and gravel and was revealed on the eve of Election Day.


"People from all walks of life came together to make Expectation a reality," says the artist. "We struggled against a tight production schedule, zero budget and four consecutive days of torrential rain." If nothing else, the project reveals the global impact of Obama's election.

An edition of 250, there are two different prints of the project available for €250 from artjammer. Also, be sure to check out his past work, including, the Identity series—larger than life charcoal portraits of neighborhood residents on the sides of local buildings.

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