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Japanese Scarecrows

by Ami Kealoha
on 06 September 2007

The Land of the Rising Sun is famous for its food and technology, but certainly not its scarecrows. That may change. Route 280 Bypass in Aomori Prefecture is quickly becoming the country's scarecrow hub with creations like scandalized sumo wrestler Asashoryu playing soccer (pictured). Every September, local folks take part in the Kakashi Road 280 ("kakashi" is Japanese for scarecrow). The event was designed to kick start the local economy and welcome a new bullet train station. So far, they've got 60 kakashi. The goal? To double that and create 150 scarecrows to line 15-kilometer of the road. Now that's scary!

Other areas in Japan also hold September scarecrow events as well. Go here for pics from Tokyo suburb Machida City's Kakashi Festival.

by Brian Ashcraft

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