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Interview with Linchpin Author Seth Godin

Author Seth Godin talks about the necessity of artistic thinking in the modern workplace

by Ami Kealoha
on 26 January 2010

In his latest book, "Linchpin," Internet maverick Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Cool Hunting: How does this unconventional approach to PR illustrate what you're talking about in Linchpin?
Seth Godin: My thesis—just to start from the beginning—is that we got tricked for 50 or 100 years into believing that the way to succeed was to keep calm and carry on, to fit in, to do what we’re told, to be a cog in the machine. It’s what the system works best with, at least in the short run. And what has shifted is now that everything is a click away, now that anything that can be written down in a manual can be done cheaper, and now that we can outsource and diminish repetitive work quite easily, this model is showing some cracks in it.

The people who are succeeding, particularly online, are not those who fit in but those who stand out. My book is designed to sell people pretty hard on the idea that they need to overcome some understandable fears and take a leap into doing things that are worth doing and making a difference.

So what I tried to do in terms of marketing the book (and I’ve always tried to take my own advice with my books) is bypass the established media, who tend to like a certain kind of book and tend to exert power in a certain sort of way. I think those people are fading away, their jobs are anyway; their power is fading.

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