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Hey, Hot Shot!

by Seth Brau in Culture on 25 July 2007


Jen Bekman's Hey, Hot Shot!, the premier seasonal competition for emerging photographers, is now accepting entries for the Summer 2007 Edition. Hey, Hot Shot! is the leading opportunity for emerging photographers to gain footing in the contemporary art world. Gallery owner and competition founder Jen Bekman is widely esteemed for her efforts to discover and promote new talent. American Photo named her the Gallery Innovator of the Year for "developing a new generation of photo artists." With an amazing panel and the chance to be featured as one of 10 photographers in the Hey, Hot Shot! 2007 Summer Showcase as well as representation by Jen Bekman, the contest is an incredible opportunity. The entry deadline is Tuesday, 7 August 2007, and selected contenders are featured daily on the Hey, Hot Shot! Blog, so it pays to get your entry in early, before the deadline crunch. Enter here.

Pictured: One of Spring 2007's winners Kelly Shimoda


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