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Hess is More Open

by Tim Yu
on 08 June 2007

Broken up like a tennis tournament, the Hess is More Open began in New York 1 June 2007 with a live performance by Cool Hunting favorite, Hess is More. A trio, Mikkel Hess, Nikolaj Hess and Jens Bjornkjaer, will be performing new and original live sets throughout the month at various venues mixing electronic and acoustic elements into an entirely new experience.

This weekend Hess is More performs at Nublu and Monkeytown with avant-pop group Something in Spanish, composers of original music for Cool Hunting Video. Mixing everything from 50's pop to experimental electronic, the live show is upbeat, danceable and surely not to miss. Even better, the 9 June show at Monkeytown will be accompanied with visuals by our good friends at m ss ng p eces. Additional performances including the quarter-final, semi-final and final are slated for later this month, including a live show presented by Flavorpill at the American Museum of Natural History. More info on the Hess is More Open here.

Hess is More w/ Something in Spanish
8 June 2007 - 9 PM
62 Ave. C (bet 4-5th st.)
New York, NY map

Hess is More w/ Something in Spanish and m ss ng p eces visuals
9 June 2007
2 shows: 7:30 & 10:00p.m
58 N. 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY map

By Seth Brau

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