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Hank and Matlok

by Fiona Killackey in Culture on 25 April 2008

Unconventional in every sense of the word, Melbourne duo Hank and Matlok are causing a stir down under with cutting-edge art, quirky prints and intelligent fashion. CH caught up with the duo during their recent exhibition at Robio to talk about art, beer and fashion. (Click images for detail.)

What's with the name?
Hank: Blame our parents. That's what we normally do. Matlok: Yeah, usually just blame Ma and Pa. Gave me curly hair as well.

Where do you source ideas?
H: We drink beer and talk crap. Good friends sliding around on alcohol. M: I generally steal all my ideas from Hank. And the newspaper.

Weirdest comment you've received about your art?
H: That it is good. M: "It reminds me of a concentration camp".

Where do you think the line between art stops and fashion begins?
H: Well, art is not really a "thing," is it? It is something that penetrates the society in a similar way to fashion. People create art, people wear clothes, art is fashion in the same way as fashion is art. I know this sounds like a wanker-answer, but art is art only when you define it as art. I see fashion as art. There is no "line" that separates the two. They live and breathe of each other in a beautiful symbiosis. Both superficial shit that makes people forget about their useless lives. Oops. A bit harsh..? Matlok: Yeah, bit harsh dude…


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