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Hanamaro Chaki

by Leonora Oppenheim
on 16 August 2006
Hanamaro Chaki are fantastical, mysterious and mythical. An exhibition of her work entitled "The Flooded Box" opened earlier this month at Mercado Del Borne in Barcelona and runs through 31 August 2006. The images of strange creatures, which are at once animal and human, seem to come from some deep, dark, but beautiful place—possibly a dream? Her naïve pencil drawings have echoes of a more decorative David Shrigley, but without the witty words. This leaves you to jump in and swim about in Hanamaro’s fertile imagination. The Mercado Del Borne has positioned itself right in the middle of Barcelona’s designer district, but rather that follow the big labels, the Mercado serves as a space for young artists and designers to exhibit, promote and sell their work. It works as a co-operative and encourages creative people from all over the world to come and show work in their gallery. Hanamaro Chaki is a great example of the kind of multicultural artist they attract, being born and raised in Japan, she studied in the UK, and is now living and working in Barcelona.

Mercado Del Borne
Calle Rec 37-39
08003 Barcelona
tel. 34 932 688 631

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