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Getty Images and Pele

by SummerSeventySix
on 09 June 2006

Tucked away on a street behind London's Oxford Circus is the fairly anonymous shop-front for Getty Images, and its archive of millions and millions of photographs. Such is the enormous depth and quality of the catalogue, the ever-changing shots that hang on the walls here are the cream. Right now, like everywhere else, the World Cup is on the agenda.

From next Wednesday, 14 June 2006, for just over a fortnight, examples from the life of Pelé are being hung up, as part of an exhibition that has been guest-curated by British menswear designer Ozwald Boateng. It coincides with the release of the silk-bound giant coffee-table book Pelé, that's been produced by recently-established British publisher Gloria. As editions of the opulent book start at £1600 or $2800, we would have to jump through too many hoops to show you images of it here. Suffice to say, there are plenty on the Gloria website.

Meanwhile, back at the Getty Images Gallery, for the next month it won't all be about football from the past. Throughout the World Cup finals in Germany, the most iconic image that has been taken at the tournament each day will be shown on a big screen in the window, and online as well. All of these brand-new images will be available to buy, starting at around £25. Much more affordable.

Getty Images Gallery
46 Eastcastle Street

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