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Gestalten Temporary Shop

by Tamara Warren
on 19 December 2008

All good things come to an end—but they don't need to be forgotten. Such is the logic behind Gestalten Temporary, the German publisher’s pop-up store in Berlin where books documenting visual culture are abundant. With over 250 provocative titles documenting visual culture on its roster, there’s something for every art-phile to take home, from detailed volumes on specialized design projects to edgy art catalogs. The latest releases are an ideal gift for the savvy collector including "Strike a Pose: Eccentric Architecture and Spectacular Spaces," "Calma: The Art of Brazilian Painter Stephan Doitschinoff" and "Arne Quinze Works."


For those who are more tactile than verbose, Release The Freaks toy collections are also sold at the shop. And, this month the publisher launches Gestalten Art Editions, a print series featuring work by various artists such as Jan Feindt, James Gallagher and Benjamin Güdel. Originally installed as holiday shopping option, Gestalten Temporary remains open through the new year in the hip Mitte section of town. For those who are stuck stateside, the website is great for shopping and perusing Gestalten's podcasts, such as a documentary about Doitschinoff filmed in Brazil.


Gestalten Temporary
Through 31 January 2009
Mulackstrasse 31/32
10119 Berlin, Germany map
tel. +49 (0)30-2180-88 11

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