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GDC: Platform Keynote Speakers

by Carol T Chung
on 14 March 2005
J. Allard's (Microsoft) keynote speech, The Future of Games: Unlocking the Opportunity (on Wednesday) and Satoru Iwata's (Nintendo) Heart of a Gamer (on Thursday) both discussed the next generation in platform gaming. Allard's speech was more technical than that of Satoru because he was speaking to developers specifically about the new Microsoft developer tools (XNA) and how these will aid in the upcoming HD Era. The slide shot here shows what he thinks the differences will be between the current and upcoming eras. Both recognized the macro trends of constant connectivity and personal customization or creativity. Of the two, Allard's seemed colder and over stylized in comparison to Satoru's speech with two video clips, one of which featured James Cameron talking about his upcoming film (which I presume is the one based off the manga, Battle Angel). Allard also gave away 1,000 HD televisions at the end of his speech. It just seemed like he was trying too hard. Either that or I'm just bitter I didn't get a new TV... More details after the jump...
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