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Galeria Melissa

by Ami Kealoha
on 07 February 2007

Much in the spirit of the high design collaborations that plastic footwear maker Melissa has become known for in recent years, Galeria Melissa, their flagship São Paulo store was designed to be constantly updated with new graphics both on the exterior facade and on interior walls every three months.

Rio-based designer Muti Randolph (also responsible for the retro-futuristic design of the São Paulo club D-Edge) creates the bold compositions on a computer and prints them on a Vutek inkjet printer, a process that takes 24 hours. (Click images for detail.) The current installation (pictured far right) features bright green palm leaves and blocky, biomimetic-looking shapes in yellow, brown and fuschia that look like they could be plants from the future. Among the rows of mostly drab boutiques on Oscar Freire (São Paulo's Rodeo Drive), the "new rave" art announces that the Brazilian shoemaker is up to something new. Up next, logically, Randolph will invite guest designers to art direct the space. Check out previous incarnations, interior and detail shots here and Frame's online article for more info.

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