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Freecity Supershop Supermät

Malibu's mecca for free-spirited shoppers moves to Hollywood

by Victor Reznik in Culture on 20 January 2011


A shop known as much for its free organic OJ as its silk-screen printed tees, Nina Garduno recently moved her westside mainstay Freecity from Malibu to Hollywood. While the new home is 3,000 square feet, the "supermät" will keep a neighborhood feeling with its locally-sourced goods and welcoming vibe.


Freecity first caught our attention when Garduno collaborated with Mosley Tribes for a run of sunglasses sold through Fred Segal, where she was VP of men's fashion. Her natural knack for discovery combined with a trip to the "freewheeling hippie enclave" of Christiania, Copenhagen led Garduno to open the original Freecity outpost in 2001, saying "Instead of moving to a place like that, I wanted to live that feeling in Los Angeles."


The Hollywood Supermät will function as a one-stop shop where patrons can pick up a range of items, from vintage bikes to freshly baked bread with an eclectic mix of clothing, records and posters in between.


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