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Fondazione HangarBicocca

A Milan art venue's makeover and new partnerships with fellow institutions

by Paolo Ferrarini in Culture on 09 August 2010

personnes1.jpg personnes2.jpg

One of the most interesting contemporary art spaces in Milan, the newly-renovated HangarBicocca is a massive venue featuring site-specific installations from both renowned and emerging international artists.

The re-do marks the beginning of a new partnership between HangarBicocca and two other colossal art spaces—Paris' Grand Palais and The Armory in NYC—that kicks off with artist Christian Boltanski's "Personnes." First shown as "Monumenta" at the Grand Palais, Boltanski's work was transported and adapted for the Milan location specifically, before it moves on to New York.


Apart from large-scale artistic installations, HangarBicocca now offers the HB Art Bookstore and the HB Bistro. Both areas are furnished by Contempo, a group of artisans who recover and reinterpret industrial equipment, known primarily for their work on Diesel Stores around the world.

hangarbicocca4.jpg hangarbicocca5.jpg

The HangarBicocca's permanent collection includes Anselm Kiefer's reputed Seven Heavenly Palaces as well as newly-acquired works like La Sequenza by Italian maestro Fausto Melotti (designed in 1971 but realized in 1981) and Stefano Boccalini's Melting Pot 3.0.


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