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by Ami Kealoha
on 08 May 2008

by Maria Argüello

We've all heard of high-level advertising but now Flogos has created flying logos. The cloud-like logos are the idea of Francisco Guerra of SnowMasters, a special effects company that specializes in creating snow and foam.

Made of helium and soap (the company promises they are environmentally friendly), a Flogo generator (think big, complicated bubble machine) pushes the bubbly creation through a stencil that gives it the desired look. Flogos can be molded into any form and you can see some examples on the company's website.


Floating logos range in size from 24-48 inches and can last up to an hour, travel 20-30 miles, and reach 20,000 feet all depending on weather conditions. As for now, Flogos only come in plain, old, regular cloud white but the company plans to introduce a colorful options in 2009. But companies are already signing up for some high flying Flogos.

via Wired

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