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Flip: Seiva Bruta

by CH Contributor
on 06 March 2009

by Ariston Anderson

Felipe "Flip" Yung has been painting in the streets and in the galleries of Brazil, Europe and the U.S. for over a decade as part of notorious art collective Famiglia Baglione. The Carmichael Gallery in L.A. is presenting his first West coast solo show, Seiva Bruta.

Flip, while working on the streets, interprets a more natural world. He paints an earth-toned palette of trees, roots and the matter between them in broad strokes across planks of wood and swaths of fabric. He contrasts plant sap with the blood of animals, commenting, "I make a parallel between the fluid and the blood. Nerves, veins, and roots…feelings, diseases, patterns all mixed up."

While using many of the techniques that make Brazilian street art unique, such as Asian calligraphy, Flip's style in combining graphic elements with naturalistic scenes is all his own. It's a show that's not to be missed.

Seiva Bruta
Through 26 March 2009
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art
1257 North La Brea Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90038 map
tel. +1 323 969 0600

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