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Flat White

by SummerSeventySix
on 28 March 2006

Apologies to any Aussies or Kiwis reading, but until now, I've been in the dark about how good your coffee can be. Specifically, the antipodean take on a latte called a flat white, which I had this morning at the cafe of the same name that's recently opened in London's Soho.

Coffee Geeks have already been praising the place, saying it could serve the best coffee in the city. Personally, I'd give that award to the Monmouth Coffee Company, but the fact that Flat White buys its beans from them means it's a very close second. At £2 for the signature drink, it is on the expensive side of things. I'm not going to argue over a few pennies though when you get a well-made hot cup, with just the right balance of sweetness and bitterness that stays frothy to the bottom. Nice silver fern on top too.

The café itself is a little less busy and therefore a little more relaxed than the handful of Monmouth outlets. With music from the likes of New Zealand seven-piece Fat Freddy's Drop on rotation and ANZAC biscuits to snack on as well, Flat White's laid back vibe feels authentically Kiwi. That's no mean feat on a grey London tuesday with Berwick Street market right outside the door.

Flat White
17 Berwick Street
London W1F OPT
+44 020 7734 4384

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