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by Tisha Leung

Natural Curiosities, purveyors of mouth-watering historical and educational prints, is having a rare public sale of stunning triptychs. The images are giclée prints printed on Somerset Velvet Fine Art Acid Free paper in their studios in Los Angeles. With every Fantastych Triptych purchase (all are $995) comes four complimentary Curiosity Boxes consisting of a set of 14 loose prints with nature themes. They're only available through 25 April 2009, so contact Natural Curiosities by calling +1 323 906 1083 to purchase.


Khefrie's Flamingo
The design and shape of a flamingo has always fascinated people who love the natural world. One of the most extraordinary birds on the planet, this triptych celebrates its unusual form. Each panel measures 44.5" x 16.5".


Caspari Horse
Inspired by an aristocratic woman standing by her champion horse from 1904 photograph, originally purchased at auction in England, this triptych makes the image more contemporary. Each panel measures 30.25" x 22.25".


Lord Bodner’s Octopus
The octopus holds a certain fondness for Natural Curiosities, represents everything "curious" about what they do as a company. Taken from a copperplate engraving by Lord Bodner, published in 1826 in London as part of a series studying creatures of the deep, this triptych is the newest addition to their continued fascination of the octopus and in particular has the finest detailing the company has found to date. It also comes in brown and each panel measures 51.6" x 23.6".

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Lunaris Café
As part of Natural Curiosities' new foray into a wider selection of imagery, this piece showing a group of people having early drinks under the moon without a care in the world. It's a great deco-period mood piece and each panel measures 46.3" x 18.3".


Lord Denver's Prize Horse Aditoc
The Royal Ascot is the world's most famous horse-race meeting, dating back to 1711. It is, and has always been, a major event in the British social calendar. This collection comes from a beautiful vintage photograph depicting Lord Denver's prize horse "Aditoc" after the winning race in 1928. The photographer is unknown and each panel measures 50.8" x 22.8".

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