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Faile: Lost in Glimmering Shadows

by CH Contributor
on 10 November 2008

by Ariston Anderson

For London street art fans, the must see-show this week is Faile's "Lost in Glimmering Shadows," as they bring their inimitable prints and paintings across the Atlantic. The art collective's London show last year, "From Brooklyn with Love," sold out instantly, and led to an invitation from the TATE Modern Gallery to invite them to paint their exterior this past May.

This time, in conjunction with Lazarides Gallery, they're featuring a series of new work, drawing inspiration from cowboys and Indians comic books, a frequent source of material for the group. They've transformed Native American heroes into an urban setting through a multitude of colors and collage. And Faile will be sure to hit up the streets with a variety of new prints which tap at the same theme.


Lost in Glimmering Shadows
Through 16 November 2008
Lazarides Gallery
Lilian Baylis Old School
Lollard Street
London SE11 6PY map

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