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Dodi Wexler

by Josh Rubin
on 01 September 2004
It would seem to me that Dodi Wexler is a bit obsessive compulsive. The intricacy of her work must demand more attention than a needy puppy. Not necessarily calculated, but certainly elaborate, her process yields incredible collage that is to be appreciated both up close and from a distance. She combines all sorts of materials to create visually rich and almost narrative pieces of rather large scale. The Mostly Little Land of This and That is the title of her upcoming show in NYC. If you can, you must see this stuff in person.
10 September - 9 October
Pavel Zoubok Gallery
533 West 23rd Street
New York, NY
Above: I Chose This: One Roman Landscape, 2004, photos, papers, stamps, string, wire, gold, ink, gouache and air. 46 x 25.5 inches. Continue for more work. Click on any of the images to zoom in on the detail.
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