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Open your mind with this innovation-driven game for creative thinkers

by Graham Hiemstra
on 26 June 2013

A creative resource for adults and kids alike, Disruptus is "designed to open every mind," and from what we can tell, it works as advertised. Using product flashcards as a starting point, and a die for direction, the game instructs players to either improve, transform, disrupt or create upon the item depicted on the preselected card (or cards). While there are two suggested ways of playing—depending on the number of participants—the rules act more like guidelines than steadfast restrictions, created more to keep the creativity focused and contained. A one-minute sandglass helps too.


Each side of the die is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll expound on our favorite: Create 2. When this is landed upon, the player chooses two cards from the stack and is then given one minute to take any number of elements from each item and come up with the most interesting creation using them. For example, when presented with a tennis racket and a collection of newspaper vending stands, one creative mind at CH HQ came up with the idea of replacing the stands' glass with racket netting, thus creating a roadside pet adoption station where passersby could drop in a few coins and head home with a new friend.

Keep in mind, Disruptus encourages wild, out-of-the-box thinking, so the more adventurous your ideas are, the more fun the game will be. We'd share more results of our test games, but then we'd be giving away too many of the Kickstarter-worthy concepts. Head to Funnybone Toys online to buy Disruptus for $25 and start stacking ideas for yourself.

Images by Graham Hiemstra

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