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Deerhoof: Fresh Born Cover Project

by Doug Black
on 24 July 2008

Deerhoof, the eclectic indie band from San Francisco, have a new take on the remix. They're asking the public to interpret one of their songs but, unlike the average cover song, there's no definitive version to work from. The band released the sheet music for the song "Fresh Born" through CASH Music, an organization that seeks to foster an exchange of ideas between music's creators and audiences. Fans are invited to download a document of the song notation and record it in the manner they see fit. When they're done, they can post a link to the webpage or blog that's hosting it. Deerhoof themselves will eventually contribute their version of the song and all will be made available to the public.

The concept behind the project hopes to increase interest in the band and their songs by making it a type of collaborative process. CASH Music is currently sponsoring different projects with musicians like Xiu Xiu and Donita Sparks. Take a look at the "Fresh Born" effort on the project's page or listen to the definitive version when it's release on their new LP, Offend Maggie, due out on 7 October 2008 through Kill Rock Stars.

Thanks to Emily for the tip!

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