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Dearraindrop: Concrete Trees, Glass Grass and Cream-Filled Stones

by Ted Cahill
on 20 October 2006

Opening today, 20 October 2006, at the Galleri Loyal is a solo exhibition of new work by Dearraindrop that runs through 25 November 2006. The exhibition includes large-scale paintings, drawings and other major interactive works by the Virginia-based collective. Visual artists Joe Grillo, Laura Grant and Billy Grant make the collage-style works, which are then synthesized by multimedia artists Owen Osborn and Chris Kucinski. The sum of all of these parts results in a dynamic, synergy of 60's psychedelia, 70's utopanism, and 80's and 90's plastic consumer culture.

Concrete Trees, Glass Grass and Cream-Filled Stones
Loyal Galleri
Torsgatan 59
113 37 Stockholm
tel. 46 08 32 44 91

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