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Daze: South Bronx to Naples

by CH Contributor
on 31 October 2008

by Ariston Anderson


Daze is no stranger to Italy and come November, he's back in full force with a multimedia show in Naples. His latest solo show opens next month at Entropy Art and the city will also be treated to one of his singular public murals.

He's featuring several large paintings at the show with varied subject matter "like 'The big Bosses,' which is a play both on the corporate bigwigs and politicians that have a stranglehold on the average citizen," Daze tells CH. "And paintings like 'Blue Monday' in which a stylization of my name is the subject matter."

We love when Daze brings his graffiti-influenced strokes onto canvas, building an urban landscape within a gallery. The show will also feature smaller sketchbook paintings, made from hand drawn images collaged onto canvas. And what we're most excited about, a series of photos from the late '70s of Daze and friends running around Bronx train yards and painting graffiti . "They are a testament to what life in New York was like then," says Daze.


This expansive show of new work and historic photos is not to be missed. Alberto Polo is producing a catalog and DVD interview of his studio as part of the show.

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South Bronx to Naples
Opening reception: 5 November 2008, 6:30pm
5-30 November 2008
Entropy Art
via San Pasquale a Chiaia, 53
Naples, Italy map
tel. + 39 335 80 92 771

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