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David Adjaye: Monoforms

by Leonora Oppenheim
on 13 December 2007

Monumental. There really is no other word for them. The first furniture series from British architect David Adjaye awed the crowds when London's Albion Gallery debuted it at Design Miami last week. Like his acclaimed buildings these forms, hewn from Green Hassam Egyptian granite and solid American walnut, are serious and imposing while also beautiful and tactile. They serve to further erode any remaining lines between sculpture and furniture.


We're told that Adjaye was inspired to create these pieces by his recent time spent in Egypt, specifically the Siwa Quarry an area known for its "remarkable symmetrical mountain range." Not only the forms, but also the names, Giza, Petra, Luxor and Galilee, conjure images of the great ancient temples and tombs. We also see the influence of sculptors like Brancusi and Isamu Noguchi. These minimalist pieces are designed to be repeated in varying configurations to perform different functions in interior or exterior spaces.


All photos courtesy of Albion

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