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Dan Flavin Retrospective

by Ami Kealoha
on 25 January 2006

Usually reviled by esthetes, fluorescent light tubes become art in Dan Flavin's elegant constructions, the subject of a traveling retrospective currently at the Hayward Gallery in London through 2 April. His sublime use of color (restricted to only a few shades) and minimalist arrangements were often dedicated to people or events, such as untitled (in memory of my father D. Nicholas Flavin) (pictured), which is exclusive to the London exhibit. The show features over 50 of his lightworks and also includes drawings, sketches, early collages, a group show of Flavin-influenced light artists, and a commissioned "soundscape" by the public art collective Greyworld that can be downloaded from Hayward's website. From London, the retrospective travels to Paris, Munich and then Bilbao.

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