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Cover Version (LP)

Artists reinvent favorite album art in a group show

by Ami Kealoha
on 31 January 2011

Skindeep approximations, deceitful marketing ploys, masterpieces of graphic design—cover art's slippery role gets a tribute in Cover Version (LP), curator and artist Timothy Hull's second show to take up the theme. The first, held at Los Angeles' Taylor De Cordoba gallery, had artists dreaming up alternate covers for books in 2008, but in this show Hull tasked the over two dozen artists with re-imagining record covers that made an impact on them.

Predictably, the resulting exhibit currently at the Brooklyn Academy of Music runs the range, from the iconic (Grace Jones' Night Clubbing by Colby Bird) to sardonic ( Mathew Cerletty's stock photograph version of Harvest) and silly (a topless girl astride a dinosaur as envisioned by Dave McDermott).

The show is open through 20 March 2011, check out more images in the slideshow below.

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