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Co-op Magazine

by Jacob Resneck in Culture on 25 April 2006


What are you doing today? If you have a hankering to write about it, get in touch with the editors of Co-op Magazine . For its second issue —in a seven-edition volume devoted to seven specific days—the editors have chosen Tuesday 25 April 2006. They stress they're not looking for journal or diary entries; rather it's a creative exercise in how different writers are able to capture a single day. An Anglo-Irish undertaking, Co-op was birthed in 2002 by a group of Dublin-based artists. Four years later the editors are based in Dublin and London accepting submissions from around the globe. The magazine carries no advertising and is completely reader-supported. Its 1,500 copies are sold direct from its website and in select London bookshops. Check out exclusive images after the jump.

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