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Caleb Neelon: Book of Awesome

by Wendy Dembo
on 13 January 2009

Caleb Neelon's "Book of Awesome" is a travel diary for a modern day wandering graffiti journey man. The book takes readers with him on his travels while he paints his colorful work in the streets of places like Kathmandu, Istanbul, Tegucigalpa and São Paulo, as well as into galleries and installation spaces.

In addition to the wonderful photos of his vibrant art, the surroundings and people he meets, Neelon writes little entries that explain what happened, who he met, what he did and how he felt. Featuring street and gallery collaborations with Os Gemeos, Andrew Schoultz, Greg Lamarche and many more working with Caleb, who's also the artist-author of "Graffiti Brasil" and "Street World."

The Book of Awesome is available from Amazon.

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