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Big Stone Mini Golf

Art meets putt-putt in Bruce Stillman's multi-purpose park

by Josh Rubin in Culture on 24 August 2010


A longtime fan of landscape sculpture, artist Bruce Stillman decided to turn his Minnetrista, MN farm into a functioning putt-putt course—with his works standing in as the props. We recently had a chance to check out the organic forms of his sculptures that populate the 12-hole Big Stone Mini Golf course, an experience that was both surprising and surreal.


While you play, animals from Stillman's adjacent farmland sometimes wander over, adding to the creative chaos. Additionally, Stillman built massive tables for chess or checkers, and a large fire pit for social gatherings.


While his personal fantasyland is the largest display of his works, Stillman's sculptures have shown all over the U.S., and his piece "Perpetual Motion" is a permanent fixture at the entrance of the Palm Desert Public Library.


Both entertaining and enlightening, the sculpture park is perfect for all ages, and serves as a great reminder that art is everywhere.


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