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Brad Downey: An Honest Thief

by Karen Day
on 30 January 2009

Growing up as a member of an itinerant United States Marine Corps family, Brad Downey quickly became acquainted with the 20th century urban landscape. His latest exhibition, "An Honest Thief," is tangible evidence of his keen understanding of urban architecture and what it signifies.

By manipulating road signs and other urban symbols, like phone booths, the Berlin-based artist reminds us that these signals and systems influence our everyday movement without our detection or consent. With "An Honest Thief," Downey reminds us that we are entitled to comment on the use of the public arena. His installations are simultaneously thought-provoking and witty, with straight-forward titles that aptly suit each piece, for example the image to the right entitled "Negative Space Saves The Day."

Oftentimes disguised as a city worker, Downey is able to pull off his creative interventions during the daylight hours.


In addition to his street installations, Downey also creates films, sculptures, paintings and drawings that further reflect on the idea of the use of public space.


An Honest Thief - 29 January through 8 February 2009
Stolen Space Gallery
Dray Walk
91 Brick Lane
London, E1W 6Q map
tel. +44 (0) 207 247 2684

via Creative Review

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