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Blow Job Puzzle Card

by Ami Kealoha
on 22 June 2005

I recently tried to track down a copy of Warhol's notorious 1964 film Blow Job to no avail. The 41-minute black and white film of a man's face ingeniously embodies whatever clever joke it is that Warhol seems to always be smirking about in photos. Second best to owning a copy is definitely this puzzle card that takes a still of the famed cigarette punchline ending and combines it with snail mail charm and an entertaining format. My card (a surprise gift - thanks Brian!) also comes with a sticker that certifies "John Waters Approved," a bonus that I'm guessing has something to do with the current exhibit, John Waters Curates Andy's Porn, currently up at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm also willing to bet that you can see the film in its entirety at the show, which I can attest, contrary to most assumptions, is totally worth it.

The card is available from the Warhol Museum's store, along with an equally appealing 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that features four stills from Blow Job.

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