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Blk/Mrkt One

by Ami Kealoha
on 13 July 2006

Now in it's fifth year, Los Angeles' Blk/Mrkt Gallery has been showing the kind of artwork that if you haven't already heard about it on Cool Hunting (or elsewhere) you will soon. Their new book, Blk/Mrkt One is a catalogue of their first Artists' Annual, collecting more established and up-and-coming work, like Elaine Bradford's knitted sculptures, the haunting, visionary paintings of David Choe, and the black-and-white fantasies that WK Interact splashes a variety of surfaces with. With bios and four-page spreads (at minimum) on each artist, the anthology makes for a good primer on "the ones to watch," including Evan Hecox, José Parlá, and Leif Parsons.

Hardbound with traditionally styled faux-leather, add Blk/Mrkt One to the library by purchasing it from Amazon.

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