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by Ami Kealoha
on 04 May 2006

A legendary fixture in Venice, CA, Axe represents the best in California cuisine. Drawing on the foundation built by Chez Panisse, their culinary friends to the north, Axe's menu highlights the flavors and textures of organic seasonal produce from local farmers, rather than using sauces and seasonings of more traditional cuisines. The resulting dishes, like a subtly earthy nettle soup, a flatbread platter with vibrant house-made antipasto, amazingly tender sake-marinated beef, and a chewy not-too-sweet bread pudding, are the kind leave diners with a food high, unlike heavier coma-inducing fare. Served adjacent to the partially open kitchen in an unfussy dining room, the Axe experience represents a more holistic point of view. Their applied philosophy includes reverse-osmosis filtered water, composting, recycling, eco-friendly products, fundraisers, and a (non-dogmatic) general awareness about the politics and economics of food production.

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